Eating the Rainbow

When it comes to consuming fruits and vegetables, young children are unlikely to understand their nutritional benefits so making it fun can really help children develop their love for them. Try introducing children to an activity called "eating the rainbow" by having  them pick one or two produce items of each colour every day of the week to include in their meals or snacks. Not only can this motivate children to eat their fruits and veggies, but it provides them with options, allows them to feel involved, and helps them learn about different produce.

One strategy for structuring this activity is to create a simple worksheet or a wall mural for children to complete each day. This could be a blank rainbow image that children can colour and draw the fruits and veggies they selected under each colour heading. 

Foods of Every Colour of the Rainbow:

•    Red: apples, beets, onion and watermelon

•    Orange: carrots, oranges, squash and sweet potatoes 

•    Yellow: bananas, lemons and yellow bell peppers 

•    Green: broccoli, kiwi, leafy greens and zucchini

•    Blue:  blueberries 

•    Purple: eggplant, cabbage, and prunes 

Olivia Dodsworth, Nutrition Student (Camosun College)