Healthy Snacks

It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Start with a vegetable and/or fruit.
Step 2: Add one choice from the other three food groups.
Step 3: Serve using the preschooler portion sizes suggested in Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. 

Here are some healthy snack options that contain two food groups.

Snacks served with fruit

  • Homemade muffin and applesauce
  • Rolled oats with cinnamon and chopped fresh or frozen berries
  • Fresh fruit and plain yogurt
  • Whole wheat bannock and fresh fruit
  • Banana slices with nut or soy butter
  • Low-sugar breakfast cereal with orange wedges
  • Smoothies made with fruit and yogurt or tofu
  • Monkey tails (bananas dipped in plain yogurt and frozen)

Snacks served with vegetables

  • Hard cheese chunks and vegetables with or without low-fat dip
  • Sliced mushrooms and cucumber with ½ cup (125 mL) of plain milk
  • Fresh vegetables with or without low-fat dip and whole grain crackers
  • Sliced bell peppers served with hummus 
  • Half of a whole wheat English muffin pizza with cheese, peppers and tomato sauce
  • Vegetarian chili (beans and chopped veggies) 
  • Vegetable soup and a whole wheat bun
  • Whole grain pita and chunky tomato salsa

Snacks served with a vegetable or fruit

  • Whole grain toast or pancakes
  • Hard cooked or scrambled eggs 
  • Banana bread 
  • Plain yogurt 
  • Lentil dhal 
  • Tuna with 1 tbsp. mayo 
  • Dry whole grain breakfast cereal
  • Hard cheese slices

Adapted from Healthy After Schools