Let's Make Bean Bags


  • birdseed, dried beans, shell grit or popcorn 
  • funnel or 500-600 ml plastic bottle
  • balloons
  • scissors

How to:

1. Use the funnel (see IDEA below) to fill the balloon with birdseed (this can be a slow process).

2. Cut the neck off the balloon and place a second balloon over the hole, completely covering the ball so that no birdseed can come out (add a second balloon base if you want the bean bag to be stronger).

3. Cut the neck off another balloon, open it up and place it over the ball; repeat the process, adding several layers of balloons (try to ensure that the original birdseed hole is always covered by several layers of balloon).

4. Cut holes in successive layers of balloons to create coloured patterns.

IDEA: To make a funnel, cut a 500-600 ml plastic bottle in half. Cover the cut end with tape. The neck end of the bottle acts as a funnel.

Adapted from HOP Healthy Opportunities for Preschoolers