Let's Make Paddle Bat and Balloon Cover

Paddle bat


  • knee high stocking
  • masking or duct tape
  • coat hanger (metal)

how to:

1. Bend a coat hanger into a diamond or circular shape.

2. Squash the hanger hook closed a little.

3. Insert the hanger into the stocking.

4. Pull the stocking tight around the hanger.

5. Tape the stocking onto the hanger just above the handle.

6. Rap tape around the bottom to create a handle.

balloon cover


  • balloon
  • knee high stocking

how to:

1. Place the balloon inside the stocking, with both openings at the same end.

2. Blow up and tie off the balloon inside the stocking.

3. Tie off the stocking and cut off any excess.

Adapted from HOP Healthy Opportunities for Preschoolers