Pick up sticks

Physical Activity

Running, Coordination

How to Play

Find an area with sticks on the ground, or prepare in advance by collecting sticks and spreading them out in your outside space. Some children may explore the sticks by themselves, but for those that don’t give them one to explore. After the children have had a little time with them, start repeating the phrase “pick up sticks” and move them into one pile. Once the pile is complete, engage with the sticks in other ways such as:

●    Make music by banging them together, on trees, rocks, earth, etc.
●    Stick them in the mud!
●    Pile sticks up.
●    Line them up in rows or end-to-end in a long line and see if your wee one follows suit.
●    Make squares and jump in and out of them

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • For anyone who is unable to reach down and collect sticks or access a natural setting, collect sticks of different lengths, diameters and shapes ahead of time to place in accessible locations.
  • Read the book Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis

Source – adapted from Tinkergarten