Autumn Scavenger Hunt

2 - 5
Child Development
Running, walking
printable autumn scavenger hunt (See link below)
marker, pencil, crayons or dry erase marker
paper bags or baskets
duct tape (optional)
plastic page protector or laminator (optional)
clipboard (optional)
Where this can be played
How to Play

Print out the Scavenger Hunt and head in to nature to find the items on the page.

Follow this link for the PDF of the scavenger hunt

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

-    If you want to reuse the scavenger hunt again and again, you can slide the scavenger hunt into a plastic page protector or laminate it. Use a dry erase marker to mark items as you find them.
-    Try putting the list on a clipboard and tying the marker or pencil to the clipboard. This makes the activity easier for kids (and parents—no more lost markers!).
-    Find a basket or paper bags to hold all the scavenger hunt treasures.
-    You could also make a duct tape bracelet (sticky side out) for the kids before heading out. This way, they can stick little bits of beauty they find onto a nature bracelet

-    If you have a participant who uses a wheelchair, be intentional around the location that you select to allow them to participate. Perhaps collect a large pile of objects and bring them to a location with a hard top, such as a basketball court, and spread them out for the children to find.
-    If you have a child with another type of disability not mentioned above, they may be able to participate in this activity without adaptations or modifications


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