Spider's Web!

3 - 5
Cotton Balls
Double sided tape
Physical Activity


How to Play
  • Wrap the double sided tape across the hoop to create a ‘spiders web’ inside the hoop circle. 
  • Place the cotton balls on the floor for the children to pick up one at a time.
  • Hold the hoop in the air.
  • On your signal, the children pick up a cotton ball and throw it towards the hoop to try and get it to stick on the tape.
  • The game finishes when all the cotton balls (or flies) are on the tape (spiders web).
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • If you have a participant who uses a wheelchair, place the cotton balls on a raised surface such as a table so they are able to reach them.
  • If you have a child with another type of disability not mentioned above, they may be able to participate in this activity without adaptations or modifications