Twist and Turn

1-2 years
Child Development
Vocabulary (action and rhyming words); different sounds and tones of speech
Physical Activity

body awareness; space awareness; stretching muscle and joints

How to Play

1. Practice slowly singing 'Twist and Turn'

2. sing it again slowly with the toddlers copying your actions.

Twist and Turn Song (to the tune of 'I'm a Little Teapot'):

I'm a little toddler, short and neat,

Here are my hands and here are my feet; (shake hands, then touch feet)

When I get excited watch me turn, (turn around in a circle)

This is how I love and learn.

I'm a little toddler, moving all around, (walk around)

I can twist my body right to the ground, (make fists with hands, then twist arms & hips while bending low)

When I get excited, help me out,

I want to learn to move and shout! (run around and shout "wooo hoooooo!")

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

1. Try moving your body in other ways (e.g. make your body small, have your body take up a big space, bend your body in different ways to make shapes or objects).

2. Enjoy time together reading How Can I Dance? by Rick Walton.

Adapted from MOVE With Me From Birth to Three