Invitation to Play - Putting Out Hoops

Child Development
Decision making
bean bags
Physical Activity

Throwing, coordination

How to Play

Place hoops on the ground or floor throughout the space with a pile of bean bags in an accessible area. The invitation encourages children to throw the bean bags into the hoops. 

Vary the location of the hoops relative to each other or vary their size to provide for different abilities and developmental levels

Tips and Ideas

  • Allow children to adjust the hoops to the distances they choose - this ensures that the children have the appropriate level of difficulty for their confidence and can make progressions as they improve their confidence through success..
  • If the children don’t engage with the material, try modelling for a few moments or verbally encouraging one or two children to try it.
  • You can also prime the invitation by playing games such as Bean Bag golf or Box Targets before to give children an understanding of one option to do with the equipment. Then, when the invitation is in place, they are more likely to engage with it as they may recognize the invitation.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • For children who use a wheelchair or for those who may struggle picking up the beanbags from the floor, place the beanbags on a table or elevated surface for easier access. 
  • For children who experience a visual impairment, place a bell or noise making item on the target for an auditory cue of success. 
  • For children who may need extra support to understand the task, create a visual depiction of the task and place it next to the items 
  • Hoops can also act as stepping stones or safe or imaginary spaces. Support children who experience a disability with a hand or chair. Additionally, ensure that those who use a wheelchair are able to have an option to wheel on by using a large flat object such as a piece of cardboard or paper.