Invitation to Play - Sticks and balls

3-5 yr olds
Child Development
hockey sticks
tennis racquets
badminton racquets
Physical Activity


How to Play

Place the items (hockey sticks, tennis racquets etc) in a large open space along with the balls. 

Tips and Ideas

  • If children don’t engage with the material try modelling for a few moments or verbally encouraging one or two children to try it. This gives other children the ‘idea’ of what they might do with the equipment.
  • Prime the Invitation by facilitating a game such as Push Around before this invitation to play to prompt children with ideas as to how they may use the equipment.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

Add targets out of household recyclables like cans or plastic bottles

Create a goal out of tape or rope on a solid surface such as a wall or fence.

Create home made items to move the objects around such as Pom Pom Hockey Sticks

For individuals who experience a visual impairment, place noise making elements such as bells on the balls and targets.

For children who use a wheelchair, the stick may need to be attached to the child’s chair.

For children who may need extra support to understand the task, create a visual depiction of the task and place it next to the items