About Juice

Mother and daughter making juiceMost children love juice because it tastes sweet. Fruit is a better choice than juice for toddlers and preschoolers. This is
because juice contains vitamins and minerals, but not the fibre found in fruit.
A child who drinks too many sweet drinks, such as fruit juice, pop and fruit drinks, is filling up on sugar. He or she might not
have enough room for healthy meals and snacks.
Sipping sweet drinks all day from a bottle or sip cup can lead to tooth decay.
Offer milk or water at meals and snacks. Offer water any time a child is thirsty.

Quick Tip: Look for these words on the package:
 100% juice
 Unsweetened
 Pure fruit juice from concentrate
 No artificial favours or colours added

Offer vegetables and fruit more often than juice.
Offer no more than 125 mL (1⁄2 cup) juice per day at meal or snack time. Serve juice in a cup, not a sippy cup.
Choose 100% juice, NOT a vegetable or fruit drink.
Many fruit drink packages look like they contain juice. If the package says: “contains real juice,” “drink,” “punch,” “splash,” “blend,” “cocktail,” “beverage” or “_______ade,” it is not 100 percent juice.