Finger Food


Children love to eat with their hands from the earliest age! They are developing hand-eye coordination and dexterity and it is an even greater challenge when using utensils. Whether using utensils or not, it is always key to start with clean hands.

Utensils like forks are relatively recent in world history, dating back only about 300 years. Chopsticks though have been around for more like 2000 years! But in so many countries and cuisines, using one or two hands is a favourite way to eat some traditional foods.

Finger Foods from around the world:

·     Tapas in Spain. These are small, shared plates of food that are often served in a series.

·     Mezze from Turkey and Greece. Pita bread served with dips like hummus and tzatziki.

·     Wat & Injera from Ethiopia. Wat are curries and stews served on a soft fermented teff flatbread.

·     Tacos and tamales in Mexico and Central America. Corn tortillas or banana leaves stuffed with fillings like meat, beans, cheese and veggies.

·     Empanadas in South America. Pockets filled with cheese, mushrooms or meat then baked or fried.

·     Dal & Roti in India. Dal is a lentil or mung bean curry, often served with rice or whole wheat flat bread called roti.

·     Sushi from Japan. From rice rolled in seaweed (nori) to fresh raw fish (sashimi) to steamed soy beans in the pod (edamame).

·     Pizza in Italy. A crispy or fluffy crust topped with sauce, cheese, veggies and/or meat.