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Browse our website’s collection of food, feeding and physical activity tips, recommended practices, recipes and much more!  You can find early years resources for at home, in child care centres and that can be done indoors and outdoors.
White Bean Fritters

White Bean Fritters

Frozen peas and carrots

Frozen Foods

Childcare setting with parents and toddlers

Recommended Practices

Child writing on sidewalk with chalk

Developing Policies

girls playing at centre

For Early Years Providers: Games and Activities

Children eating at centre

For Early Years Providers: Food and Feeding

Father and boy on floor playing with blocks

For Families: Games and Activities

Family dinner table

For Families: Recipes and Meal Ideas

Family at dinner table

For Families: Positive Mealtimes

Safari landscape

Safari Bells

boy on ipad

Screens and Eating

Stepping Stones

Invitation to Play - Stepping Stones

Learning about apples

Learning about Apples

Recyclable materials for invitation to play

Invitation to Play - Recyclable materials


Let’s Visit France!

Putting out hoops

Invitation to Play - Putting Out Hoops