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Browse our website’s collection of food, feeding and physical activity tips, recommended practices, recipes and much more!  You can find early years resources for at home, in child care centres and that can be done indoors and outdoors.


Bean bags

Invitation to Play - Throw and Catch

Tennis rackets and balls

Invitation to Play - Sticks and balls

Eating Area

The Eating Area

Childing running inside at daycare centre

Invitation to Play - Motivating Movement

Small girl on slide

How to Use the Activity Planner

Seeds for crafting


Children running in field

Creating a Physical Activity Promoting Environment in an Early Years Setting

Vitamin D Supplements

Do Kids Need Supplements?

Learn about soy

Learning about Soy

Watermelon bowl

Watermelon Bowl

Loose parts

Invitation to Play - Loose parts

Kids in ball pit

Consent in Play

Edamane beans

Easy Edamame

Day care setting

What is a quality physical activity experience in an early years setting?

Tempeh poppers

Tempeh Poppers