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Browse our website’s collection of food, feeding and physical activity tips, recommended practices, recipes and much more!  You can find early years resources for at home, in child care centres and that can be done indoors and outdoors.
Smiling girl in motion

Facilitating Active Free Play or Unstructured Physical Activity

looking up

Lift and Look

Family eating a meal together.

Family Food Pictures

Child holding a ball.

Hit the Target

pit pocket

Fill your pockets — Pita Pockets

Family Tips: Lunch Ideas for the Whole Family

Picture of spring rolls being made on table.

Traditional Food Songs

screen time couch

Defining Screen Time

Two children running outside on grass.

Cat and Mouse

baby reaching

Indoor Playground

Healthy snack for all ages

Family Tips for Packing Healthy Snacks and Meals


Let's Make Bubbles

pizza dough

Pizza Dough

chocolate chip cookies

Best-Ever Chocolate Cookies